How to use Agora?

If this is your first visit:

  • If you are registered with the Arbitration Academy with your Gmail Address, that's great! It means that you will automatically have access to the Forum.
  • If you already have a Gmail Address, but have not shared it with us yet, we recommend that you do, so that we can share access to AGORA using your Gmail address. Please send it to the Secretariat  
  • If you do not have a Gmail Address, this is not a problem, you can still access the forum with a non Gmail Address. All you need to do is to go to the following website and create an account (your identifier can be a "non Gmail" address, like or yahoo or hotmail,etc.):

All official announcements will be made through Agora and the website of the Arbitration Academy.

Technical Notice

AGORA is a platform created with Google Groups.
To be part of the Students & Alumni Forum, you should have attended a previous Session of the Arbitration Academy or be a current student.


Should I create a Google Account?

Yes, only to access Agora through this website. Please see details here:
Please note that you can use Agora Forum through your email only. You can send and receive messages using only your email.

- If you already have a google account, please send us your Gmail address and we will connect you to Agora with this email. You will receive and send Agora Messages from this address.
- If you don't already have any Google Account, you should create one to access the web platform. You should indicate the email address you use for the Google Group. You can create a Google Account here:

How to use a Google Group?

Please see details here:

A website and a discussion group

Agora is intended for all registered participants and alumni of the Arbitration Academy to connect with each other and share practical information regarding Sessions of the Arbitration Academy, as well as ideas and suggestions on accommodation and things to do in Paris, and much, much more!

Who receives my emails ?

All members of the group, including 2012 participants and 2011 Alumni, as well as the secretariat of the Arbitration Academy.

Do you receive too many emails?

You have the ability to manage your subscription. Please check your membership profile:

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